Thursday, June 14, 2018

Rezoning a property

Before rezoning can be analysed, zoning should be understood. Zoning is the set of laws that should be followed to control the land use. Zoning is the regulation of a piece of land and the rules that apply to the land. Zoning tells if a particular land can be residential or commercial or industrial etc.

Why change zones?
If there is an opportunity of making better use of the land, rezoning can be done under certain conditions. Petitions are required to have the law changed. There can be opportunity in converting a residential area into a commercial one. A house can be converted into an office if it is more lucrative. 

How to change zoning?
It is easy said than done. Zoning is a difficult and costly process. The difficulty of the process depends on the location of the property. It is not certain that the demands put forward will be accepted or not. Conversion in some areas is not an easy task. Different cities can be having different zoning laws. Sometimes it is easy to get pass all hurdles, all the other times it can be a tiring process resulting in achieving nothing. Legislative approvals or political concerns can also be the reason for a slow and vague process. Generally, the following things should be kept in mind when thinking about rezoning.

Take a good look on the property
It is not enough to ask the court to rezone just because someone wants to. The petitioner should have solid argument to convince the judge to decide in their favour. The request of the rezoning should be justified with definite reasons such as any change in the local dynamics, new road and population growth etc.

Local rules should be considered
Before a petition it is necessary to learn the local rules of the area or the city. It should be known that the area or property under consideration fall under which category. The local planning and development department can help the applicant a lot. They can make certain recommendations that can lead to wanted results.

Ask the neighbours
The most difficult hurdle in way of rezoning can be the neighbours. It is not possible to keep motives hidden from the people next door. The best approach is to talk to them and convince them and try to hash out any concerns they might have regarding this rezoning. It is a primary step.

Apply for rezoning
On applying for rezoning, there are forms to fill and bills to pay. The planning department requires a lot of things to carry out the process. It might include surveys, maps and a lot many other things.

Staff scrutiny
The planning staff that will analyse all that is requested should be dealt with care. The applicant should take active part in the analysis of the application. The property should be shown to the staff and all their concerns should be addressed calmly.  The applicant can revise his plans in order to remove the concerns of the staff.

Plan Commission meeting
After the analysis the request goes to the planning commission. Their recommendation to the local governing body decides much. In the public meeting the applicant has to answer all question to enter the next phase.

Legislative body meeting
After the commission meeting, the case goes to the legislative body. The applicant has to make a strong case there. In the other case he might have to wait for a year or so. the process can be time taking and a test of patience. The rules of that state make the case less or more complicated.

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